The “About Me” section is a staple of every website. A small glimpse describing what type of person we are. So who am I?

I am a daughter, a wife and a mother.

I am a photographer.

I am someone who…

  • believes family means everything
  • received my first camera at 10 years old from a cereal box
  • loves to clean the kitchen but abhors doing laundry
  • learned to shoot and develop her own film in high school
  • doesn’t like coffee but LOVES Vanilla Chai
  • shot my first wedding in 1995
  • listens to country music, the older stuff from the 90’s
  • has worked hard to learn as much I can
  • has never liked yoga pants but will gladly live in a maxi skirt
  • thinks that a vacation anywhere other than a cruise ship is just not worth taking
  • prefers to read over watching TV unless The Walking Dead is on
  • loves reading historical western romance (my guilty pleasure)
  • is a DIYer, and loves power tools!
  • is finding out new things about myself everyday