~Brian & Heather - Lighthouse Point Park, New Haven, CT. - CT Wedding Photographer~

Brian & Heather are an incredible couple with an incredible story!  When they told me about their first date I just knew I had to share it!

"Our first date is a funny story, we had been corresponding over the phone for a few weeks and then we decided to meet for the first time at a restaurant half way between where we lived to grab a drink. I pulled into the unfamiliar place slightly nervous and received a text that he just parked. I looked over at the car next to me that pulled in and watched a guy get out. So trying to get over my nerves I got out of my car and introduced myself and asked if he wanted to go in. When we sat at the table I quickly felt like I had once again been set up on a disaster date as my date wouldn't make eye contact and looked extremely uncomfortable. To break the ice I asked how the gym was, since Brian had told me that's where he was coming from. My date gave me a strange look and said he doesn't go to the gym. It was at that moment I realized I had gone on the wrong date, so I quickly left. When I exited I checked my phone to see Brian was texting me wondering where I was, I then saw my true date emerge from his car. I couldn't stop laughing as he approached me and it seemed like my predate was the perfect ice breaker for my real date. My awkward predate didn't scare him off and the rest is history"

Is that not the best story!

Lighthouse Point Park Engagement

I love learning the story about the couples I photograph, things like Brian proposed in Milan (how romantic is that?), the best date they had was a walk outside on a rainy Christmas Eve, and that Brian writes thoughtful little Valentine's on sticky notes.


Brain & Heather are getting married July 2017 and I can't wait!  Just like Heather I am excited about Brian seeing her as she walks down the aisle (I hope he cries, I love it when my grooms cry).  Take a look at the other images from their engagement session at Lighthouse Point Park and bask in the love between these two.